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          Recents Blog Posts

          Millennial Spotlight – Alexandria Evans

          This article was published on: 03/3/20 11:04 AM

          Alexandria Evans is working as an accountant here at Kloeckner Metals. She’s been with the company for four years and will arrive at her five-year mark in April. “I started Kloeckner as a Staff Accountant in 2015 and got promoted to Senior Accountant in 2017.” She explains. It was her love for numbers that drove …

          Employee Stories: Will Crabtree (Video)

          This article was published on: 02/18/20 10:00 AM

          Will Crabtree shares his story of an accident that left him in the hospital for a summer, how Kloeckner Metal’s supported his recovery, and what this accident has taught him on the importance of safety.

          Kloeckner Metals & AFI Proud to be a part of the FIRST Robotics Competition in Nashville (Video)

          This article was published on: 02/11/20 10:00 AM

          One way Kloeckner is proud to give back is through its sponsorship of and participation in the First Robotics Competition (FRC) put together by FIRST, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators. FIRST is known for its mentor-based programs, like FRC, that build science, engineering, and technology …

          Summit Pahlas Shares His Experience with Kloeckner’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

          This article was published on: 02/4/20 10:00 AM

          Kloeckner’s goal in digital transformation is clear: to fully digitalize the supply and service chain while accelerating the expansion of higher value-added products and services. And so is the end result, to reduce the volatility of the steel industry for itself and, more importantly, for its employees, customers, and partners. But the truth about digital …

          Kloeckner Metals PVD Process (Video)

          This article was published on: 01/28/20 10:00 AM

          Kloeckner is the largest US manufacturer of PVD. See how all the magic happens at our Cincinnati branch in the video below: We are here to PVD the world with our colored stainless steel sheets and extrusions!

          Gen Z Spotlight: Sara Smart Brings Fresh Energy to Kloeckner

          This article was published on: 01/21/20 10:00 AM

          Though Sara started working at Kloeckner in July, 2019, we consider her our first hire of 2020, not only because she just transitioned to full-time from an internship after graduating from college, but also because as a Gen Z employee, she represents the future of Kloeckner and brings the fresh energy you’d expect of a …

          Scott Ginter: From Intern to Assistant Materials Manager

          This article was published on: 01/14/20 10:00 AM

          Just this past May, Scott Ginter was graduating from university, where he combined a major in Finance with work experience in auto mechanics and vehicle emission inspections. Today, he is an Assistant Materials Manager at Kloeckner Metals. “My responsibilities include purchasing wide flange beams, maintaining inventory, and quoting material for the Kloeckner Jacksonville, Miami, and …

          Software 101: Steps to Consider Software Selection

          This article was published on: 01/7/20 10:00 AM

          A key element of digitizing is selecting software, the right software. The right software underpins successful digitization on multiple levels, including improving engagement, easing communication, and increasing efficiency. In fact, the right software may be downright essential to not just the success of individual projects, but also to delivering on key digital business objectives. But, …

          Employee Spotlight: Embracing Opportunities in the Steel Industry with Ivan Padilla

          This article was published on: 12/31/19 10:00 AM

          Ivan Padilla didn’t see himself in the steel industry but, back in 2008, things weren’t working out so well in mortgage finance. “I started in the steel industry by pure luck back in 2008. I was in mortgage finance and you probably remember what happened to the real estate industry in the US that year. …

          Digitizing the Steel Industry with Alyssa Oliver

          This article was published on: 12/17/19 10:00 AM

          It would be wrong to say that digitization has only recently become a Kloeckner Metals strategy and long-time veterans like Alyssa Oliver prove it. While Kloeckner Direct and Part Manager are newer products, Alyssa has served as Kloeckner’s EDI Manager for four and a half years.? Prior to that, I was in the Kloeckner IT …

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