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          Unparalleled Quality

          Founded in 1906, Kloeckner Metals Corporation is one of the largest metals manufacturing, supply, and service companies in North America. With over 45 branches in the United States, and over 200 worldwide, Kloeckner is committed to providing customers with the latest fabrication and processing technologies and the most innovative customer service solutions. Boasting one of the most extensive product portfolios in North America, our promise is unparalleled quality of both product and service.

          A Selection of Industries We Serve

          Kloeckner Metals Metal Calculator

          This is your one stop app for all engineers, fabricators, buyers, and procurement professionals who have metal related calculation. Our easy to use calculators cover all sorts of metal beyond steel such as Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Gold, Nickel, Silver, & Titanium.

          The Kloeckner Advantage

          Kloeckner offers custom supply chain solutions through superior customer service, unparalleled quality, and relentless innovation.

          Find Out How We Can Help Your Company

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